Chef Judi Tries the Paleo Diet: Week One

The Paleo Recipe Book

Chef Judi Tries the Paleo Diet: Week One
Breakfast in bed at The Lamb and Lion Inn. … Apparently not well anymore, because since I've been tipping the scales far too much these days, I have decided to try the paleo diet for at least a month. (So has my dear spouse, albeit begrudgingly …
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Fad diets uncovered
The paleo diet also goes against the grain – literally – in its recommendations, which emphasize the foods that humans' Paleolithic ancestors ate: meats, preferably wild or grass-fed, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Robb Wolf … The Clean Program …

Dude Foods spills the beans on fried foods and the secrets of reality TV
Dudefoods has garnered acclaim from Bon Appetit, Gizmodo, the Food Network UK, and even the James Beard Foundation, who linked to Chipman's Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese Sandwich. … In October, Maxim Magazine has scheduled a feature on Chipman's Bacon …

Bad Food, Good Food
“Not only are eggs a protein-rich food, they are a fast, easy solution for breakfast,” she says. “Eggs will help with balancing blood sugar as well … “I'm a believer not in the Paleo diet but in a primitive diet,” Funicello says. “You can imagine …
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